Secretary's Reports

April 2020 Secretary’s Report

Hello from home, fellow UW Academic Staff! I hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy. Looking back at last month’s post, dated March 13, it really feels like the world has changed drastically since then. In our virtual meeting last week, the members of the board mulled over what would be possible for … More April 2020 Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s Report for March, 2020

Happy Friday, everyone – there’s a lot of news and worry about COVID-19 happening on the UW campus right now, and all of our Current Members probably got our email yesterday mentioning that today’s tour of the Hamel Music Center was cancelled. We really hope that the pandemic status won’t last too long, and everyone … More Secretary’s Report for March, 2020

January 2020 Secretary’s report

Good afternoon and happy 2020 to all! This month’s meeting was a hotbed of planning, with dates set (and announced forthcoming by my colleagues in separate posts) for various events for the Spring 2020 semester. You can read the details of my report here, as always, requiring a sign-in with your credentials. See you … More January 2020 Secretary’s report

December Secretary’s Report

Hope everyone’s ready for the Winter Break to begin! The January “winter social” is just around the corner – there will be an announcement on the site soon about the specific date. Here’s the secretary’s report from this month, just remember that Box will have you authenticate with your credentials in order to be … More December Secretary’s Report