April 2020 Secretary’s Report

Hello from home, fellow UW Academic Staff! I hope that you are all keeping safe and healthy. Looking back at last month’s post, dated March 13, it really feels like the world has changed drastically since then. In our virtual meeting last week, the members of the board mulled over what would be possible for the Network, as an organization, to do remotely for our members. Here is the link to the Report. We had a couple ideas, but we’d love to hear yours too, by commenting on this post, or sending us an email, or clicking on this link! Official communication from our board members will almost always come via an email, so please stay tuned for upcoming information about our annual Election; our bylaws state it must happen every year, and since we’ve always done virtual voting via survey platforms, we don’t think that will be disrupted in the slightest.

We really hope to see you all in person again soon.


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