MASA to Form New Committee

Based on events of last spring, corresponding changes affecting academic staff, and feedback we have received, the MASA Board has decided to create an Awareness and Advisory Subcommittee. Please read the charge below, and if you are interested, please email MASA President Joan Irwin at

Charge for MASA Awareness & Advisory Subcommittee
In the last year, the UW-Madison and the State have experienced many changes that will affect Academic staff in ways that will take years to fully comprehend.  To help MASA complement governance entities in addressing this, the MASA Awareness and Advisory Subcommittee will monitor issues of concern to UW-Madison academic staff.  This committee will help the MASA Board ensure that members and campus academic staff are adequately informed and have a voice and a venue to address these concerns.

The MASA Awareness & Advisory Subcommittee is a group of 6 to 9 appointed MASA members who will focus on monitoring issues related to Academic Staff with the purpose of keeping MASA members informed and helping them communicate their positions on these issues. Activities of this subcommittee to inform MASA members may include any of the following:

  • Organize and present information that affects Academic Staff on the MASA web site, in publications, or in informational meetings;
  • Hold meetings for interested Academic Staff to help identify and understand common concerns;
  • Organize and hold activities to express these concerns;
  • Arrange to have speakers come talk to the membership  about issues; and
  • If needed, establish ad hoc groups to work on specific projects and issues.


The subcommittee will undertake these activities only as approved by the elected MASA Board.  Furthermore, they will advise the MASA Board on issues, but will not speak officially on behalf of MASA without specific prior approval of the Board.

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