“Adult Swim” at the Children’s Museum, June 2nd

Several times a year, The Madison Children’s Museum honors the public pool tradition of kicking the kids out so adults (21 and up) can have the space to themselves, to play and enjoy refreshments for the evening. MASN will be there! Join in the fun.

On June 2, the theme of Adult Swim is “Glow Motion”. In addition to access to the museum exhibits, you can look forward to these special activities:
• Paint glow–in-the-dark murals in the black-lit Art Studio
• Marvel at a special performance by the multitalented P-Funk Allstar Kim Manning
• Enjoy a phosphorescent cocktail
• Learn new moves and dance the night away
• Make LED cards and fashion accessories
• Put on a shadow puppet show
• Make colossal drawings on a retro overhead projector
• Experience a rooftop hoop jam
• Savor one of the best sunset views in the city
Please purchase your own ticket(s) here -$12.75 advance, $15 day-of:

6:00pm–10:00pm, Madison Children’s Museum, 100 N. Hamilton St., Madison WI 53703

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