Tour the UW Botany Greenhouses with MASN – February 13

Join your fellow Madison Academic Staff Network (MASN) members for a tour of the UW Botany Greenhouses. There is no cost to attend, but you must complete this registration form (there is limited availability)

The tour will go through the 8 greenhouses and highlight different plants from the 2,000+ plant teaching collection. Our guide will discuss different biomes, plant adaptations to difficult environments, and animal-plant mutualism. Its also a great way to get out of the cold and spend an hour in the humid tropical air!

NOTE: we have a 1:00 pm tour and a 2:15 pm tour. You are welcome to attend either session, but please make sure to register for the appropriate time, as they can only accommodate 15 people at a time.

Register for 1:00 pm Tour here

Register for 2:15 pm Tour here

Location: Birge Hall. 430 Lincoln Dr. (meet in the building lobby)

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