MASN Watch Party, 12-8-2020 and 12-9-2020

For our first watch party next week, we’re doing the 2017 movie “Loving Vincent” at two different time sessions – Tuesday December 8th, and Wednesday December 9th, both at 7pm. The movie runs for 1 hour, 33 minutes. Here is what you’ll need:

  • A Hulu account – you can also get a free month-long trial if you don’t already have an account
  • To be keeping an eye on your email at ~6:58pm or so on Tuesday and/or Wednesday night for the email from us, which will contain the special link to join our Watch Party!
  • The TeleParty extension for Chrome Browser here, or the Microsoft Edge browser here. If you plan on attending one or both nights, please install this extension ahead of time so that it is ready to go for the night of the party. It only takes a minute to add to your browser. And you can always uninstall it later if you don’t want it anymore.

Once you click the special link at 7pm, the movie will start – but from the beginning and separate from us! You just have to click the red “TP” icon of the extension (usually upper right corner of browser) while the video is playing, to be joined to our shared session.

Troubleshooting: Official documentation from the extension maker is here. Please reply to the ~7pm email the party host will send out if you run into problems and they will do their best to assist. But you must have the extension installed, and have a Hulu account, for anything to work.

Tip: to change your visible name in the chat sidebar (so everyone can see who we all are) follow these steps while the Party is playing.

We hope to see you on Tuesday or Wednesday next week at 7pm! Bear with us here; this is a new thing for MASN to try and we hope it goes well!

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