Powerpoint presentation from 2019 Spring Luncheon

Hello all! We didn’t have a formal MASN meeting this month due to general work busy-ness, and some minor illnesses preventing a quorum from being reached of board members. Remember, the tour of the new Hamel Music Center is next month – check the events page for more details and sign-up.

In other news, last May in 2019, we had a wonderful guest speaker at our annual Spring Luncheon, Beverly Hutcherson. Many of our members expressed interest to Hutcherson, and board members, about receiving a copy of the powerpoint presentation she shared with us. Unfortunately, since the Spring Luncheon also coincides with board member turnover, the sharing of the powerpoint was lost in the shuffle!

Therefore, for any UW-Madison affiliated person interested in obtaining a copy, please click the image below to download the presentation, complete with her notes.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2020 Spring Luncheon, held for the first time in a new location, the Sewell Social Sciences building 8th floor conference room, overlooking Lake Mendota! More details to follow in the next few months!

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