Promotions and Salary Adjustments Session

It’s budget time, and you need to be informed of your rights for promotion and base adjustments. Come and find out what you need to know to navigate the system.

The School of Education Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) is sponsoring another session on Promotions and Base Adjustments for School of Education academic staff on Friday, March 7 from 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. in Room 154 of the Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall.

The session will focus on the various types of rate and title changes, promotional criteria, acceptable increase amounts, and timeline for the required paperwork.

For more information and to register online visit:

You can contact a School of Education CASI member with questions:
Paul Baker  WCER
Rosemary Bodolay  ART
Frances Breit   CEW
Ann Fillback-Watt  CEW
Ann Halbach    EPCS
Vince Jenkins  CIMC
Jerry Jordan   PEOPLE
Pennie Maclean, Dean’s Office
Karen McShane-Hellenbrand   Dance
Amy Newell   Tandem Press
Scott Rozman   IMDC
Jane Terpstra  Outreach
Daniel Timm  Kinesiology
Jeff Watson  WCER

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