MASA Board Slate & Nominations

The following individuals have expressed interest in the positions listed below.  MASA is still accepting nominations and will announce the final slate at the May 8th spring lunch meeting.

A.    President-Elect is responsible for planning events and all communication to the membership. This is the first year of a three year term; second term will serve as president; third year as past-president.

Candidate: Amy Rettammel, Office of Clinical Trials 

B.     Secretary is responsible for recording, preparing, and distributing the minutes of all general membership and board meetings.  The secretary also conducts the annual elections. Term of office is two years.

Candidates: Michelle Holland, Cellular and Molecular Biology and Mallory Musolf, Neuroscience Training Program

If you are interested in running for either of these positions, please contact: Heather Mc Fadden

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